The Roadie

The Roadie

Comedy, Family, Drama


This romantic comedic drama (shot Dogma style) is in truth a snapshot. It is a picture of an English Roadie named Davey who one day, between the time arriving at the concert hall and the time the big show began 1.) Fell in love 2.) Saved the day 3.) Got the girl 4.) Became a star and 5.) Literally stripped the last thread of decency AND clothing from one of show business’s biggest stars.


Working for the tyrannical southern rock star Sammy World is hell. No one knows this better than the lumbering and lovable roadie Davey. If Davey’s life weren’t already difficult enough under Sammy’s thumb, he must also contend and contain his deep passionate love for Leland Daniels, Sammy’s sexy groupie girlfriend of the moment.

Sammy’s not so subtle abuse of the two somehow sparks Leland and Davey’s friendship. After writing a beautiful poem, which touches Leland’s heart, Davey is emotionally wrought because Leland believes the poem to be from Sammy. What’s worse, he dare not tell Leland the truth about Sammy; who regularly parties and screws other women behind her back.

Preoccupied with his own self-destruction, Sammy neglects to meet with one of his big European promoters, music mogul Jean-Claude Renoir. The tour is saved when Davey on his own accord dresses up in the Sammy World costume making a brilliant impression on Jean-Claude and his star struck daughter Annie.

Meanwhile after eavesdropping on a group of horny young groupies, Leland learns what Sammy’s been up to. In a sadistic panic she searches everywhere for Sammy eventually finding him having sex with one of the young groupies in a remote shower room.

Later when confronting Sammy, she finds herself in a potentially fatal situation. High on heroin and vodka Sammy becomes extremely abusive and violent leading to a beating and a desisted rape as Davey comes to the rescue knocking Sammy out with a guitar to the head.

Moments later Sammy’s hyperactive manager Gwen arrives from New York with the press group consisting of Rolling Stone magazine among others. After completely freaking out she agrees to put her faith in Davey and Leland’s plan to impersonate Sammy World. Now with the media convinced that Davey is Sammy World leaves only the actual concert to perform and Sammy’s audience to impress.

His climactic concert (shot in vivid colour) goes off without a hitch as Davey de-masks himself exposing his true identity. The band is shocked, Sammy’s fans are clueless and the nonbelievers become believers. The plot twists to its final summit when Davey proves to everyone, most importantly to Sammy himself, that the real super star is in fact Leland Daniels.


The Roadie is a feel good comedy-drama envisioned primarily in black & white. Its no nonsense and dogmatic approach, coupled with its purposeful and dynamic music promises to be entertaining and reasonably budgeted.