Tales Of A Mermaid

Tales Of A Mermaid Series Part One, A Pisces In The Rain

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Family, Drama


Swimming instructor MARIN WEBBER always had an insatiable love and need for water, an unusual connection to aquatic life and a bizarre salt water allergy.  Following a near fatal accident underwater with one of her gifted students, Marin suspects that she’s a Mermaid.

Pitch Paragraph

A Pisces In The Rain is part one of the exciting series, Tales Of A Mermaid, which depicts the life and adventures of a beautiful mermaid named MARIN, who is destined to grow up on land in the idyllic ocean town, Charm City, since her family was ravaged by terrible shark-like creatures when she was a small, four-year-old ocean dweller. Having no memories of her past yet always knowing she was “different” from other people, she discovers the real truth of her origins after befriending a gifted girl named XELA, falling in love with her marine biologist father, HARRISON and surviving a near-fatal aquatic accident. Together, they unravel the deep, aquatic mysteries of Marin’s past and help set her on a course to fulfill her fairytale-like destiny.


Twenty some odd years ago off the coast of Charm City, a family of four ocean dwellers were surprise attacked and ravaged by a group of shark-like creatures as they enjoyed the brilliant flickering lights from the city skyline only a few hundred meters off shore.

All but one of the ocean dwellers was killed and devoured by the ravenous beasts. The smallest child EVIANA was saved by a brave dolphin, one of the families pets. Although severely injured, the dolphin manages to float the unconscious Eviana safely to shore.

Having landed on a private beach, little Eviana and the stranded dolphin are discovered by the wealthy and eccentric philanthropist and researcher JACOBI A. WEBBER, who together with his wife BLANCHE, raise the small ocean dweller as their own, eventually naming her MARIN. Absent salt water, Marin has transformed into a normal humanoid form.

The following 20+ adult years, Marin lives a relatively lonely, single life. She believes that her parents were killed in an automobile accident and she has been raised by her grandparents. But following the mysterious death of her grandfather Jacobi, the only person she’s ever felt truly loved by and despite her family’s great wealth, she chooses to work at a private school as a swimming instructor and it is there she encounters the handicapped genius, 12-year-old XELA MICHAELS, with whom she feels a strong connection to particularly because Xela is an outcast much like Marin has always felt about herself. The two get along famously and quickly become best friends. Marin is amazed at Xela’s hyper-intelligence while Xela is impressed by Marin’s swimming abilities which inspire her to learn to swim – something she was not able to do because of her physical handicap. Marin agrees to teach her and prepares her for the schools big swim meet.

The meddling Xela can’t resist introducing Marin to her single father HARRISON, a geeky marine biologist working in Charm City on a grant. Both a tad socially inept find themselves strangely attracted to each other and eventually they fall in love and learn more intimate details about each other. Marin reveals her unique love-hate relationship with water. She admits to having a bizarre salt water allergy which causes her skin to react unexplainably and it is that reason she avoids the ocean. Harrison shares his ongoing issues at work and the struggles from  outside forces threatening their biological establishment.

Xela’s continued probing and research results in the conclusion that Marin’s allergy issues must be mental.  She concocts a scheme to trick  Marin into an afternoon beach outing. While sitting on a small, floating pier, Xela removes her life vest in order to adjust properly and at that moment unexpected undersea seismic activity causes Xela to fall into the ocean. Not able to swim, Marin has no choice but to overcome her fears. She must dive in and save her friend.

The crashing waves cause Xela to hit her head on the underside of the pier, leaving her barely conscious and tangled in rope and debris. Marin struggles to help her but doesn’t seem to be strong enough. In her frustration she screams underwater which suddenly transforms into a high pitched sound and miraculously calls a school of aquatic life. Among those responding are two small ocean dwellers. Marin cannot believe her eyes. They help her to free Xela, who is now slightly more conscious.

Later, back safely on land, the two confront the amazing circumstances they just experienced. Xela agrees for now, not to tell anyone about what happened. However she secretly conducts more research and concludes that Marin must be a mermaid. Much to Marin’s discontent, the information leads to the both of them falling out with one another. Marin eventually takes Xela’s information to heart and agrees to meet with her estranged grandmother Blanche to learn the truth about her origins.

After meeting with her grandmother, Marin’s greatest fears seem to be confirmed. This changes things and now she begins to accept that she is not of this part of the world. Her new fear is how to tell Harrison and what his reaction will be. Harrison, being a devout man of science, finds the mermaid hypothesis completely ridiculous and believes the two are pulling some kind of prank, and due to his current stressful issues at the laboratory, doesn’t find this stunt amusing at all.  They have a falling out.

Marin has no choice but to prove Xela’s theory. One afternoon, she sneaks into one of the large aquatic tanks and locks herself inside. Through the glass, Harrison and Xela noticed her submerged under water. Harrison panics and attempts to open the door and break the glass with no success. Emptying the tank fast enough proves futile. Marin mouths the words “I love you” and releases the last of her breath. She begins to violently convulse and a moment later her eyes roll up into her head and it appears that she has drowned. She lies motionless against the glass for some time. Harrison and Xela stunned, begin to cry. Xela believes she’s to blame for the apparent death of her best friend.

Harrison turns the tank light off to shield Xela from seeing more and begins to call the authorities. Just then, a tapping sound on the glass is heard. Harrison quickly turns the tank light on and as they look up they see Marin smiling, apparently alive and well, breathing underwater.  She is indeed a mermaid.

Some weeks later, Xela is seen swimming in a big local competition where all of Charm City is in attendance. Marin is coaching her from poolside and Harrison is cheering from the stand as Xela wins the race.

Meanwhile, in the distance they all are being surveilled by some mysterious figures in what appears to be official,  government vehicles of some kind.

THE END of Episode One

A Pisces In The Rain – Tales of a Mermaid, Episode 1
Quest For The Lost City – Tales of a Mermaid, Episode 2,
The Princess Returns – Tales of a Mermaid, Episode 3

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