Kommissar Digga


KOMMISSAR DIGGA is a comedy and mystery series which follows an American Detective on his European vacation as guest to an old flame’s wedding. Things get tricky when he’s in a town speaking only Plattdeutsch (a rare language few others understand) and a mysterious murder takes place.

Pitch paragraph 

Kommissar Digga is a comedy series about a 40-something, East Baltimore detective named RODNEY DIGGS. His ex-girlfriend NICHELL ECKHOFF (40), from Germany, is getting married for the fifth time and since RODNEY has missed all the others, he’s determined to show up. And between investigating murders, he even goes as far as learning the German language in order to impress the swanky, social-media-influencer, NICHELL. RODNEY gets more than he bargained for when the two finally meet in Germany and the sparks fly. Later, they end up in NICHELL’S place of origin, a small northern village called Lühe, where they only speak PLATTDEUTSCH, a language few other people understand and unfortunately, RODNEY is not one of them, which leads to a variety of misunderstandings, culture clashes and humorous situations in this relaxed and colorful, countryside setting. Then what’s worse, a mysterious murder takes place leaving RODNEY to suspect someone in NICHELL’S own eclectic wedding party and he needs to prove it before the wedding day.


Act 1 summary 

It’s just another day in East Baltimore for Detective RODNEY DIGGS. Between investigating brutal murders and busting drug lords, there’s one thing that sets him apart from the other cops. He’s learning German and passing his upcoming German language course is the main thing on Detective Diggs’ mind. The reason for his first vacation and cultural exploration is none other than his ex girlfriend, NICHELL ECKHOFF, a beautiful, social-media-influencer who’s getting married. In fact, for the fifth time and since Rodney has missed all the others he is determined to show up. Learning German would be the ultimate show of respect and friendship, he thought and who knows, maybe meet the girl of his dreams.

Arriving at a low-key crime scene, it appears a murder has taken place. Rodney’s Japanese partner Detective SEIKO GRAVES is already on the scene. Her snooty sarcasm suggests that Rodney is always late to the party. When Rodney comments on the “endangered species” snacking, it suggests that Seiko is always eating something freakish looking. Rodney tells her about the German language course and the pending final test. Showing off a little for Seiko, Rodney begins to analyze the corpse speaking German and moments later, a surprise video call  from Nichell arrives. Excited, Rodney tells her he’s working on a murder case and introduces his partner Seiko Graves as “Psycho Graves”. Rodney teases NICHELL by trying to get her to look at the murder scene. She is grossed out and continually looks away. On her side of the video we see her lavish surroundings, somewhere in Hamburg, early evening. A stark contrast to that of Baltimore where this crime scene is taking place.  They continue talking until CHIEF DANIELS, 60, arrives with the FBI in tow. The chief informs them that the FBI will be taking over their case and after a short, heated discussion over the matter, Rodney’s vacation officially begins. There’s only one thing left to do – – pass the German language course.

During the final exam each student must give an oral presentation. Rodney delivers his about the crime scene investigation the FBI just took away from him. The more he shares about the investigation, the more the students are grossed out. The teacher herself gets nauseous and ends the presentation early, giving Rodney a passing grade.

Act 2 summary

The very next day finds Rodney stepping onto an airplane. Looking at his ticket he finds the seat between two very beautiful women. Moments later he is approached and asked to move. Unfortunately he has read the ticket incorrectly and ends up situated between two very obese people. After hours of being a human sandwich, Rodney arrives in Hamburg. Nichell has asked her gay friend STEFAN MÜLLER to pick him up at the airport. He’s also a police officer. Stefan stands around holding a sign with Rodney’s name on it misspelled, “Rodney Digga”. By the time Rodney finds Stefan a small group of younger onlookers stands around wondering who Mr. Digga is, assuming it’s some cool celebrity type. Despite trying to explain his name DIGGS properly, Rodney ends up with the new nickname DIGGA that will stick with him forever.

Stefan takes Rodney sightseeing and we see the beautiful city of Hamburg Germany. Later they end up on the infamous party strip, The Reeperbahn where are they meet Nichell at Stephan’s favorite bar where his boyfriend works. Upon reuniting after so many years, it’s clear that some sparks still remain between Rodney and Nichell. At one drunken point late in the evening, it hits her like a brick that Rodney speaks German. A passionate kiss ensues.The awkward moment ends as Stefan and his boyfriend get in a fight.

The next day they road trip a few hours away to Nichell’s hometown, Lühe. Hungover, Rodney sleeps most of the way. Upon arriving at a gas station, Rodney feels like he’s in another country. He’s confused and thinks he’s dreaming. He quickly realizes he does not understand anything people are saying. Stefan and Nichell understand each other and the people around but Rodney no longer understands them. He begins to freak out until Nichell returns to the car and explains the reality of his surroundings. They are now in an area where an old language called PLATTDEUTSCH is primarily spoken. She will have to be Rodneys’s translator. Making their way to Nichell’s parents home they do some errands along the way. It seems clear that everyone in town knows who she is and she is treated with the utmost respect and at one point Rodney and Nichell are mistaken for a couple in love.

Arriving at the Eckhoff estate, Rodney is impressed by the surroundings. He has a flashback of Nichell’s father telling him all those years ago that he was not right for his daughter. This time would be different. When meeting her parents Rodney is not only much taller and more handsome than her father, he’s also a successful detective. And addressing Nichell’s folks in German makes a very good impression on them too, even though Plattdeutsch is the household language. Further introductions include Nichell’s wedding party. An eclectic mix of colorful characters, they are locals she grew up with and at least one bridesmaid has an eye on Rodney. The last introduction to be made is perhaps the most important – – the groom. Arriving late, JOHN REESE, 50 something, is a white American soldier living in Germany. He and Nichell have been dating a while and now meant to be married. After only a short conversation, Rodney doesn’t like the guy. He has reason to believe he’s a phony and a scammer.