B’more Telling

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The Barber Shop (family, drama)
Based on a true story, “The Barber Shop” is a story about a guy born in Baltimore, yet became a European, and the challenges he faces when he returns decades later to claim his inheritance located in a tightnit, B’more hood.

A Classic Tale (family, drama)
This is a story about an inner city youth who accidentally discovers classical music because of a crime he commits and gets away with. The music changes his entire life.

Warlock : Charm City Chronicles (fantasy, drama)
In the gritty streets of Baltimore, troubled military vet Xavier Steele battles alcoholism, crime, and ruthless developers. When astral projections reveal his unique magical powers, he transforms into the enigmatic Warlock, a supernatural guardian fighting to protect Charm City. As he navigates love, redemption, and the shadows of his past, Warlock becomes the beacon of hope his neighborhood desperately needs in this gritty urban fantasy drama.

The Takeover – Les coup de Bar (family, drama)
A small, local, unprogressive bar in Baltimore suddenly gets taken over by the LBGTQ community and as a result becomes the new hot spot in town, which creates major conflicts for the owner who’s torn between his old ways, new money, notoriety and ‘strange’ desires.

Black Out (based on The Lost Night) (thriller)
After waking up having no memory of the night before and concluding he was drugged at a bar, Craig pieces together an unbelievable account of his ‘lost night’, based upon social media and the people and circumstances he is suddenly confronted with all day.

Baltimore Knights (action, drama)
This is a story about conflicted morals and values within the same Baltimore family as several cousins find themselves existing and thriving on opposite sides of the law.

Lone Panther (documentary)
Based on a true story this film documents the journey of Baltimorean Kasey Jones, the founder, owner and operator of the black panther party online.

Escape from Charm City  (horror)
After a ruthless corporation illegally dumps its toxic waste in a disparaged Baltimore neighborhood, residents become zombies with cognitive awareness who exact revenge upon the perpetrators. 

Water To Wine  (documentary)
A Baltimorean returns to the city with the real, proven knowledge of how to build a simple, inexpensive device which will turn ordinary water in to fuel but no one seems to want to listen.