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Bugsy Jones

Born Craig Phillips and the founder of TALL TAL.ES, the content producer and author’s pen name was derived from an infamous relative from the 50’s. Craig began his professional ‘telling-tales’ career writing country music for Sony & BMG and has since written hundreds of diverse songs spanning all genres with several Top 40 charting compositions. Following the completion of his master class in the early 2000s with the renown screenwriter Michael Hauge, Craig has penned many short stories and a handful of acclaimed screenplays, three of which have been optioned by European production companies over the years. Bugsy Jones and TALL TAL.ES are keen on edutainment, humor and cultural themes, offering engaging, original content for international audiences alike.

Sarah Sargent

TALL TAL.ES boss and an invaluable element to the creative team is Sarah Sargent. A diverse and formidable teller of tales in her own right, Sarah manages continuity and the needs of our clients and audience during the creative process. Sarah helps to keep a foot on the ground while as creatives, heads are indeed in the clouds.

Lucie de Jong

Christina Patjens aka Lucie de Jong, studied screenwriting privately from 2012 to 2016 at Marie Amsler, a Swiss screenwriter specialized in linear drama who has worked for Bavarian Television and ARTE. Christina is a screenwriting teacher and edits, revises and proof reads comics and graphic novels. She is a published author in various anthologies with poems, prose and short stories and an artist for photo grams, screen print and object collages.