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101 DAYS

“101 Days” is based on a true story about friendship, innocence and survival between a career criminal and his cell mate, a man falsely accused and convicted—two people whom under normal circumstances would never meet.


Swimming instructor MARIN WEBBER always had an insatiable love and need for water, an unusual connection to aquatic life and a bizarre salt water allergy.  Following a near fatal accident underwater with one of her gifted students, Marin suspects that she’s a Mermaid.


This romantic comedic drama is like a snapshot. It is a picture of an English Roadie named Davey who one day, between the time arriving at the concert hall and the time the big show began 1.) Fell in love 2.) Saved the day 3.) Got the girl 4.) Became a star and 5.) Literally stripped the last thread of decency AND clothing from one of show business’s biggest stars.


This comedy and mystery series follows an American Detective on his European vacation to visit an old flame’s wedding. Things get tricky when he’s in a town speaking only Plattdeutsche (a rare language) and a mysterious murder takes place.


This is a success story about how a troubled, inner-city youth, with the help of a down-and-out composer, overcame adversity, broke cultural stereotypes and societal boundaries eventually achieving stardom with their award winning symphony performed by a renown Symphony Orchestra.


This is an uplifting action comedy about two wayward cops and a geeky girl, destined to find themselves tangled in an inconceivable terrorist plot to detonate thousands of explosives planted in countless homes by a notorious criminal society.


“Black Privilege” is an episodic, dramatic, edutainment series presenting current and historical events depicting culture, racism and inequality however through the BLACK PRIVILEGE prism,  white people are oppressed and discriminated against. 


This is a bitter sweet and tragic love story between two terminally ill patients from completely different walks of life, who meet and fall in love during an experimental clinical trial which proves successful for only one of them.


This quirky comedy follows two of the few black families to migrate to Vermont in the 70s, which at the time and for many years to follow, was the whitest state in the union.

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All content registered with The Writers Guild of American and The US Library of Congress respectively.